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    Could be an idea to implement

    hello, I bought the 101 milks available in store and I still receive prodigious power I put it in my weapon but at a loss I think! once the weapon goes up to 101 milks (max level) give the players the opportunity to sell their prodigious power to the NPC for a price in gold depending on the...
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    Request to add store item

    Thanks a lot
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    Request to add store item

    Good morning, I created this post to ask you if it would be possible to add progious relics of weapons 985 to the NPC store in game I play druid and I do not see these relics in any tab of the different item levels I connects you wowhead models
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    Request to add store item

    Bonjour, J'ai créé ce post pour vous demander si il serait possible d'ajouter des reliques progigieuse d'armes 985 sur la boutique des PNJ en jeu je joue au druide et je ne vois ces reliques dans aucun onglet des différents niveaux d'objets je vous relie les modèles wowhead...